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Tell Penn State to Stop Advertising Addictive Gambling Products to Its Students!

As part of an ongoing official Blue & White Corporate Partnership, Penn State heavily advertised online lottery gambling at its Sept. 9, 2023 football game against the Delaware Blue Hens at Beaver Stadium. This level of advertisement is typical of Penn State's promotion of online Lottery gambling to its students.

A screenshot showing what Penn State is promoting: Rainbow Fortunes is one of the Pennsylvania Lottery's many online and smartphone games so similar to slot machines they prompted a lawsuit by Pennsylvania casino operators. A detailed description of this game is available here, a video showing this game's operation is available here, and an analysis of how this game is designed to keep people gambling until they have run out of money is available here. Online slots are among the most addictive forms of gambling ever devised.

Please sign our online petition calling on Penn State's leaders to stop advertising addictive gambling products to the University's students. Add a comment with your signature for maximum impact. Then share the petition as widely as possible - everyone has a stake in Penn State's success!
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Media Coverage
  1. Time to criminalize Internet gambling
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Past Letters to the Editor Opposing Penn State's Lottery Partnership
  1. Lottery Partnership Is Damaging
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  6. Online Games Make PA Lottery Partnership a Bad Bet for Penn State
  7. Alliance With PA Lottery Should Concern Parents
  8. No Place For Gambling At Penn State
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